Riverside Theatre

The after some of the events indicates that the performance is being presented by an independent organisation which is hiring the Theatre.


PERFORMANCES:  Friday 1st August to Saturday 1st November - daily, during Riverside's standard opening hours

Foyer Gallery Exhibition

Fairhead Photographic Club presents

An exhibition of photographs in the Theatre's foyer gallery

This exhibition by Fairhead Photographic Club comprises a selection of prints, both monochrome and colour, making up a distinctive body of work.

The club is attended by a strong group of enthusiastic amateur photographers from the complete novice through to more advanced members. Owing to its welcoming and friendly atmosphere membership is drawn from a wide geographical area with some members travelling considerable distances to take part in the various meetings throughout the year.

As with any group of photographers, this exhibition of their work represents a diversity of both subject matter and style. Members have tried to include a variety of subjects, presented for your enjoyment. They include portraits, landscapes, seascapes, urban decay and sport.

Living in the north-east of the Province the Club has an abundance of breathtaking scenery on its own doorstep. This has provided much inspiration and opportunity to photograph the environment which surrounds us, be it stunning vistas or abandoned buildings, beauty can be found in unlikely places!

The members trust that the variety of images presented introduce you to the skill, enthusiasm and interests of the members of Fairhead Photographic Club and inspire you to look afresh at the world around you!


PERFORMANCES:  Saturday 25th October at 8pm

Community Musical

Riverside welcomes back

An evening of Music, Variety, Comedy & Dance

The Riverside is pleased to welcome back Maggie Ferris after last year’s successful sell-out variety show. The audience will be entertained to an eclectic mix of culture, music, song and dance.
Compere this year is the well-known and talented Mark Crawford.

Maggie’s special guests include her sister, Ann McCay and also:

"Britain's Got Talent" semi-finalists The Innova Dance Company, St. Patrick’s Tin Whistlers with Dee Tasker of the Causeway Traditional Group, The Singsburys, Gillian Ekin & Jamie Williams, the angelic voice of Kendal Walker, Gerald McQuilken and his ‘Stepping Out Dance Company’, Rory Sheehan with his superb baritone voice, Adam Goudy with his unique Tenor voice, Coleraine Fife and Drum band, The Bannshee Irish Dancers which includes Alan Shiels and boys Browned Off @ the Flaidh, pianist & accompanist, Peter Wilson, Dance duo Gerald McQuilken & Paula Ennis, Clarinettist, Margaret Brownlow and finally, The Dolce Community Choir under the direction of Cathy Dempsey.

Tickets: £10.00
PERFORMANCES:  Thursday 30th October at 8pm

Professional Ballet

Ballet Ireland presents


Check out these promotional videos:



Ballet Ireland is delighted to present a national tour of Swan Lake, one of the greatest love stories of classical ballet, to 26 theatres throughout Ireland.

This most famous of ballets, combines romantic themes, classical technique and ethereal imagery, together with Tchaikovsky's majestic score, to ensure this masterpiece’s immortality.

Swan Lake tells the story of Odette, a beautiful princess, who by day is turned into a swan by evil magician Von Rothbart, only to regain her human form at night. Out hunting by the Lakeside, Prince Siegfried encounters her and falls in love with her. But will he be able to break Von Rothbart’s spell…?
This enduring story of love and tragedy, good and evil, and has enthralled audiences since it premiered in 1877.

This autumn 25 leading professional dancers from Ireland and abroad will perform in this breath-taking production which was loved by audiences and critics when last produced by Ballet Ireland.

Tickets: £16.00, concessions£13.00
PERFORMANCES:  Friday 31st October at 8pm


Britain's much-loved actor SIMON CALLOW stars in

Riverside is the only venue in Northern Ireland hosting this wonderful production

Written by Matthew Hurt
Directed by Joseph Alford

‘Excellent, compelling, involving, intelligent… with a bit of help from the Almighty – Callow manages to pull it off, magnificently.’
***** Tim Walker, Sunday Telegraph

‘Callow and Hurt manage to keep us gripped.’
**** Sunday Times

‘Mr Callow has produced a fine act of witness, bringing New Testament stories vividly to life and he thoroughly deserved his standing ovation and cheers at the end.’
Quentin Letts, Daily Mail

‘Callow renews our sense of wonder at the son of man and his story.’
Dominic Cavendish, Daily Telegraph

‘Bold and breathtaking… riveting. A brilliant version of the life of Christ.’
**** Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

‘Excellent writing, sublime acting and direction. Callow is mesmerising.’
**** British Theatre Guide

‘Entertaining, thought-provoking, challenging…a spellbinding experience.’
**** Michael Coveney, Whatsonstage

‘Simon Callow is a bravura actor and he dominates the stage and holds the audience throughout.’
Mature Times

‘A singular feat even by Callow’s standards.’
Mark Lawson, The Tablet

‘Callow is stunning.’
Belfast Times

This extraordinary play looks back two thousand years to witness key moments in the life of ‘the man Jesus’, through the eyes of the people who knew him.

Simon Callow, one of Britain's best-loved actors, performs this fresh and moving account of biblical stories including the raising of Lazarus, the wedding at Cana and the journey to Jerusalem. His powerful portrayal of the tyrants, traitors and madmen in Jesus’ life asks people of all faiths and none: what sort of a man was able to inspire the history of the world? Thought-provoking, thrilling and full of wit, this production premiered to great acclaim at Belfast’s Lyric Theatre, and now embarks on a strictly limited UK tour.

‘Callow renews our sense of wonder at the son of man and his story.’
Daily Telegraph

‘Callow and Hurt manage to keep us gripped.’ Sunday Times



"Thousands of years ago, there was a man who wandered Galilee and Jerusalem, preaching and leading and, perhaps, healing. This man aroused the suspicions of the authorities, and was executed for his supposed crimes in a revolting, agonizing display of Roman cruelty. This man is now the central figure of a religion with more than two billion followers, commanding the spiritual allegiance of a quarter of humanity. Yet thousands of years of doctrinal dispute and holy war have given us little insight into Jesus of Nazareth as a man, rather than a simple cipher for his creed.
Matthew Hurt’s The Man Jesus first played at the Lyric Theatre last year, and it is his attempt to explore Jesus as a historical character through the eyes of his contemporaries, all of whom are played by Simon Callow in a performance as captivating as it is unpredictable.

Callow never plays Christ himself – instead, he is described and illustrated through the awestruck and fearful followers and family that surrounded this charismatic preacher in the Holy Land.

Such a performance demands versatility, and an actor of Callow’s calibre delivers. A lesser actor would repeat elements of other characters; what we are presented with is a man at the apex of his talent, dancing from persona to persona with the practised ease of a professional that allows a difficult, multifaceted performance to appear effortless. His accents, his movements, even the smallest tics are superb and every one of Christ’s contemporaries has their own face, despite them being portrayed with the same mask.

The play is far from a one-note affair. Instead of following a familiar devotional route and extolling Jesus’ virtues with every line, the play takes a raw look at how the habits of a prophet and Messiah would have bemused and frightened those around him. Callow does awe very well, but he also does fear and anger. This is especially true of the tail end of the play, familiar through two thousand years of telling but given a rather different angle as Jesus’ disciples and family experience the horror of crucifixion first-hand.

In places, the script sags a little and the narrative can become somewhat hard to follow, though Callow’s performance remains exemplary throughout. Elements of Jesus’ radicalism and his character as a revolutionary are somewhat underutilized, a real shame in a play that otherwise questions and debates the nature of Jesus with impressive scope. This could have been more controversial, but it is already very much a piece of historical fiction rather than pure history – stretching Jesus’ characterization any more could have left the audience rather sceptical.
Indeed, as it is,

The Man Jesus leaves the question of his divinity open. Miracles are not quite explained, as the play eschews a theological approach for an anthropological one. It is reminiscent of Philip Pullman’s 2010 novella The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ, which also examined the character of Jesus but split him into two men to represent the duality of his nature. Church groups hoping for a simple Jesus Christ Superstar-esque piece of devotional writing will be surprised, perhaps even shocked, but will leave enriched by the experience. The examination of Jesus Christ as a man leaves us with far greater respect for him, believer or not. Regardless of one’s own position on the nature of this man, Hurt’s play allows us to see his purpose: bringing spiritual comfort to people yearning for a saviour. A simple piece of worship would do a disservice to this strange, fascinating man who changed the course of human history forever".


Tickets: £25.00, concessions£20.00
PERFORMANCES:  Saturday 1st November at 8pm


TCB Productions presents

A show with all your favourite ABBA songs



The Bjorn Identity ® is Ireland’s premier Abba tribute show, exceeding all expectations with their LIVE and authentic Abba in concert experience. Audiences of all ages can discover and re-live the magic of the Swedish Super Group, Abba and their musical legacy that lives… ‘On and On and On’.

With stunning relica costumes and all the glitz of the 70’s, this two hour show features the greatest hits of ABBA including songs from the hit musical ‘Mamma Mia’

Quotes :
“ An amazing tribute band, that not only look the part but sound it” – IKEA BELFAST “

“Top notch vocals and musical reproduction of the ABBA sound, mixed with a touch of tongue in cheekiness made for an exceptional night's entertainment.” - TICKETMASTER

“ The Bjorn Identity are the first tribute act we have ever had on the 'Belfast Pride Festival' stage and what a choice they were! We've never seen so many people dance and sing along to a performance.” – BELFAST PRIDE

Tickets: £15.00, concessions£13.00
PERFORMANCES:  Monday 3rd November to 19th December - daily except Sundays, during Riverside's standard opening hours

Foyer Gallery Exhibition

The Pavestone Collective presents

The latest visual arts exhibition from the Pavestone Collective


The Pavestone Collective is delighted to return to the Riverside Theatre with its latest exhibition entitled, 'All Kinds of Everything'.

The artists have produced an eclectic mix of work incorporating traditional and less traditional art.

The precedent set by the Pavestone Collective ensures the audience will see art that varies in style, ranging from calming, peaceful scenes,to vibrant thought provoking work and hopefully there will be all kinds of everything for viewers to see.

PERFORMANCES:  Friday 7th November at 8pm


Maple Tree Entertainment presents

A fabulous tribute to the duo which brought the world "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

Direct from London's West End, award winning actor Dean Elliott (Buddy Holly in 'Buddy -The Musical') and a full cast of performers tell the compelling story of the greatest music duo of all time in this 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Using huge projection photos and original film footage, 'The Simon and Garfunkel Story' also features a full live band performing all their hits including 'Mrs Robinson', 'Cecilia', 'Bridge Over Troubled Water', 'Homeward Bound' and many more. With every performance creating a standing ovation this is an evening not to be missed!

"Fantastic” - BBC Radio 2.

"Authentic and Exciting” - The Stage


Tickets: £17.00, concessions£15.00
PERFORMANCES:  Saturday 8th November at 8pm


TCB Productions presents

Starring Ireland's own GARY McEVOY as the definitive Garth Brooks - who's been performing this sensational act for 20 years and more.

As it looks like Garth Brooks himself won't make it to Ireland before this coming Christmas - treat yourself to The Next Best Thing!!

Tickets: £12.00, concessions£10.00
PERFORMANCES:  Saturday 15th November at 8pm


David Hull Promotions presents

Flash Harry's amazing frontman, HARRY HAMILTON, in a brilliant evening with his Swing Band

Join Harry Hamilton and his swing band as they take you on a musical journey through a century of American music. This innovative collection of popular music showcases the many “Great” Songs from the soundtrack of the 20th Century.

From the classics of the Great American masters like Gershwin or Cole Porter, via the 50s' most popular hits, to Motown and the newest chapter with songs from recent hit-makes, including Michael Bublé, Ray Charles and Billy Joel.

Tickets: £15.00
PERFORMANCES:  Wednesday 19th November, from 3pm to 8pm

Celebrating 25 Years of this Prestigious Lecture

Special Lecture

Riverside is delighted to welcome

The theme of the event is Nutrition and Ageing and three world class speakers will present current findings on how what we eat can affect aspects of ageing, such as hypertension and osteoporosis

The theme of the lectures (this year, given the special occasion, there are three rather than the customary one) is “Nutrition and Ageing”.

The event will be introduced by Professor Strain Strain of the University of Ulster and the three speakers are: Professor Helene McNulty (Ulster) on Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health (exact titles not available yet for the speakers nor is the programme); Professor Kevin Cashman (University College, Cork) on Nutrition and Bone Health; Dr Joshua Miller (Rutgers, New Jersey) on Nutrition and Cognitive Health.

The Dairy Council Nutrition Lecture is one of the longest standing sponsored events in the University calendar with funding from the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland for this annual lecture for the past 24 years. The lecture, therefore, has been an important date in the University’s first term calendar for some time and this year a special event has been organised to mark the 25th Anniversary.

PERFORMANCES:  Friday 21st November at 8pm


Eamonn Keane presents

A splendid return to the Riverside's main stage with Special Guest Big Chief Flaming Star!

The fabulous band of travelling Indians or in short THE INDIANS are one of the most entertaining Irish bands on the scene todayDressed in their colourful Western Indian outfits they have been on the road for four decades and in that time there have been very few changes in their line up.

During their time together they have built up a solid friendship that has resulted in a show that extends that same warmth and comradeship to their audiences. In the course of their 40 years in the business The Indians were fortunate to have had the talents of some of the best singers in Ireland. The longest serving Chief was Flaming Star (Noel Brady) 1971 to 1998, who is still as fit and healthy as ever and will be joining The Indians on stage for this show. It proves to be a very special and nostalgic evening. The Indians current “BIG CHIEF” is lead singer Raymond Kelly (Geronimo), and he is regarded as one of the best front men in the business.

When Geronimo sings, everybody listens. He has a natural vocal talent that allows him to sing any type of song, and make it his own. It should be a fantastic show, with both Chiefs belting out Indians songs ranging from 1971 up to today.

Other members of the band are Eamonn Keane (Sitting Bull) on keyboards, accordion and vocals, Kevin McKeown (Long Arrow) on drums and vocals, Brian Woodfull (Crazy Horse) on bass guitar and vocals, and Tommy Hopkins (Dull Knife) on lead guitar and vocals.

Tickets: £16.00, concessions£13.00
PERFORMANCES:  Saturday 22nd November at 8pm


David Hull Promotions presents

One of the UK's top-selling artistes - who recorded the million-selling, No 1 Single "I Know Him So Well"

With the North West's own ANTHONY TONER

From her folk roots of the late 1960s through to mainstream success with hits including ‘Answer Me’, ‘Another Suitcase in Another Hall’, ‘January, February’ and the million selling number one ‘I Know Him So Well’, Barbara Dickson has long since cemented her status as one of the UK’s best loved performers.

Riverside is thrilled to welcome her to her first visit to Coleraine.



Tickets: £25.00
PERFORMANCES:  Friday 28th November at 8pm


Dr. Tony Bareham, Emeritus Professor of English, University of Ulster presents

A tribute to Shakespeare in words with associated music perfomed by THE CAUSEWAY CHORALE under the direction of Barry Burgess

Tony Bareham and Barry Burgess join together with Johanne Woods and Jeremy Lewis to
produce a celebration of Shakespeare.

Readings of familiar and less well-known excerpts from Shakespeare’s plays are interspersed with imaginative background montages, and with music performed by the popular local group The Causeway Chorale. The show follows the format Tony has popularised over the past few years with presentations on Charles Lever, Lord Byron, and last December’s much-praised “Chasing the Cheerless Gloom”.

Tony Bareham, who was responsible for generating the majority of student drama during the life of the New University of Ulster, has directed dozens of shows in Riverside during the last thirty five years, including Shakespeare's Hamlet, The Comedy of Errors, Macbeth (twice) and The Merchant of Venice - along with Webster's Duchess of Maalfi, Edward Albee's Zoo Story and two of Alan Bennett's Talking Heads. He also premiered local author Des Cranston's play Personal Space in the Theatre, in one of Riverside's lunchtime drama presentations.Tony both directed and performed in Alan Ayckbourn's comedy "Ten Times Table", which he had been commissioned to present as the highlight of Riverside's 25th Anniversary celebrations.

He also produced and directed a celebration of works by Portstewart writer Charles Lever and, most recently, his devised An Evening with Lord Byron - which was a joint promotion between the Theatre and Flowerfield Arts Centre. Prior to appearing in Flowerfield, this production was premiered in Tuscany, as part of an international literary conference, in Bagni di Lucca.


Tickets: £12.00
PERFORMANCES:  Thursday 4th December at 8pm

Community Theatre

The MORE Drama Academy, Coleraine presents

A new production from the students of MORE ACADEMY


PERFORMANCES:  Friday 5th December at 8pm


Riverside welcomes
GRAINNE DUFFY in concert

Grainne Duffy back in Riverside after her triumphant appearance last year

There are flavours of Bonnie Raitt in this superb young Irish blues singer with a strong pop-soul sensibility.’ - The Independent

‘Grainne Duffy has exploded and its obvious why – classic hooks, high cheekbones and a bad-girl voice box’ - Classic Rock Magazine

‘A blues singer of real integrity’ - The Sunday Times

Grainne Duffy is a unique talent, raw and powerful, edgy and elegant. Growing up in Co. Monaghan, Ireland she gained exposure at an early age to such defining influential artists as The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and The Pretenders by raiding her elder sisters’ record collection. For the first time in her career Grainne and her wonderful second guitarist, Paul Sherry, will be presenting Grainne’s songs along with some well chosen classics in acoustic and stripped down arrangements.

This will give audiences a chance to hear Grainne’s songs in a intimate light. With interweaving acoustic and some electric guitars providing a warm and rich bed for Grainne’s husky vocal, this will be a treat for any audience. Grainne and Paul with their years of experience playing tours together worldwide are looking forward to this intimate style and approach to presenting her songs and some others in this new style.

Tickets: £12.00
PERFORMANCES:  Saturday 6th December


Macdoor Productions presents

RTE TV's "Fair City" star Maclean Burke in his Riverside Theatre debut

RTE soap ‘Fair City’ star Maclean Burke stars in new play ‘Joe Prop’.

It is the story of a 12 year old boy, Joe Kavanagh, who has a big dream. A dream big enough to overcome any obstacle. A childhood illness and subsequent medication has left him overweight and a target for School bullies who among other things have dedicated a Facebook page to him called 'Fat Joe Kavanagh' 200 likes. Joe finds solace on the School Rugby team as a prop in the scrum. As his coach says 'Some jobs are meant for big guys’. The play is set in Joe's bedroom.

A place far away from bullies, and illness where he gets to be the greatest Tight Head Prop in world rugby and captain of a winning Irish Rugby World Cup team. With a voice over cameos from a host of well known rugby personalities - this is a play for the whole family. 'Joe Prop' will have you laughing, crying but most of all it will have you believing that anything is possible! Starring Maclean Burke - leaping, tackling, jumping, scrummaging in a physically charged and powerful performance.

Website www.joeprop.com

Twitter @JoePropTheatre

Facebook www.facebook.com/joeprop

Tickets: £12.00
PERFORMANCES:  Monday 8th December @ 11am
Tuesday 9th @ 11am
Wednesday 10th @ 11am
Thursday 11th @ 11am AND 7.30pm
Friday 12th @ 11am AND 7.30pm
Saturday 13th @ 2p. and 7.30pm

Family Christmas Show

Riverbank Productions, Surrey presents

A brand new company, presenting a major show for Christmas 2014 in the Riverside

The three bears aren't happy!

Mummy Bear has made porridge for the family but it's too hot. They decide to go out for a walk while it cools, accidentally leaving the door open. Soon there is an intruder.

Goldilocks means no harm, but she's tired and hungry and the porridge smells lovely. Little does she know, three grumpy bears are about to return home. Where are those bears now Goldilocks?

They're behind you!!!!

Riverbank Productions, the company which brought “Pinocchio” and “The Jungle Book” to the Riverside Theatre will, this coming Christmas, be presenting “Goldilocks & The Grumpy Bears”. A troupe of talented, experienced actors lead the audience through this well loved tale in a very amusing and entertaining way.

All the pantomime traditions are maintained.

Oh yes they are!

The show also features lots of comedy, puppets, audience participation and some well known songs from 2014, which the children will both recognise and join in with.

PERFORMANCES:  Tuesday 16th December at 7.30pm (please note earlier starting time)

Community Theatre

Victoria Lagan Dance and Drama presents

The North West's vibrant and exciting School of Dance & Drama's Xmas 2014 Spectacular

Victoria Lagan Dance and Drama is an established dance and drama studio based in Coleraine.

This December it will be showcasing some of the incredible work they have been preparing this term. This showcase will consist of many children, teens and some very special adult guests performing their dance choreography (which will include every style from musical theatre to ballet to hiphop), acrobatics, plays, songs, poems and just a touch of Christmas.

Expect a night of the north coast's best talent with energetic performances throughout, and to leave feel ready for the Christmas holidays.

PERFORMANCES:  tHURSDAY 15TH January to Saturday 31st January, nightly at 7.45pm and with selected Saturday matinee performances at 2.15pm

Community Musical

Ballywillan Drama Group presents

Award winning Ballywillan Drama Group brings the blockbuster Broadway musical HAIRSPRAY to Northern Ireland and the Riverside Theatre for sixteen exhilarating performances in January 2015.

Award winning Ballywillan Drama Group brings the blockbuster Broadway musical HAIRSPRAY to Northern Ireland and the Riverside Theatre for sixteen exhilarating performances in January 2015. In another major coup for BDG this joyous family musical is guaranteed to please those of all ages with its well-known songs, wonderful dancing and infectious comedy and laughter.

Following on from their inspirational JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR in 2014 BDG have assembled a cast of the area’s leading musical theatre stars and an impressive line-up of dancing talent. Featuring brand new costumes being designed and made by one of the top UK designers, special effects galore, a wonderful and colourful signature set and the amazing on-stage orchestra HAIRSPRAY will blow away those mid-winter blues.

With eight Tony Awards and four Oliviers HAIRSPRAY is the ultimate feel-good musical, packed full of toe-tapping numbers including “Good Morning Baltimore” and “You Can’t Stop the Beat”.

A large range of prices and special offers are available ensuring everyone can find a seat to suit them!

Directed and Produced by Brian Logan.

PERFORMANCES:  Saturday 7th February at 8pm


David Meade presents

Daily Mirror: An Incredible Talent - you’ve got to see him live to believe it

Philip Schofield: David Meade is the best we’ve ever had on This Morning

Eamon Holmes: Hilarious and totally mind blowing!

Belfast Telegraph: Jaw dropping

The BBC’s Million Dollar Mentalist David Meade is taking to the stage hot on the heels of his groundbreaking USA Tv Special which saw him beat all the odds and become the first mentalist ever to crack a Las Vegas Casino.

In this, his most ambitious live show yet, BBC's fastest rising star is returning to the stage the stage after a two year break, with a show that is as hilarious as it is jaw dropping he reveals private PIN numbers, detects lies, reveals secret thoughts, and influences those around him with seemingly inexplicable results! Do you think you have what it takes to outsmart a mentalist? Then bring your game face as David is offering £1000 to anyone in the audience who can lie to him successfully…

Tickets: £16.00
PERFORMANCES:  Monday 30th March at 8pm


Joe McCadden presents


(this concert was transferred from their scheduled 29th November 2014 gig in Riverside, following the illness of one of the band's members)

Legends of Irish music & song The FUREYS, renowned for their hit songs ‘I will love you’, ‘When you were sweet 16’, ‘The Green fields of France’, ‘The old man’, ‘Red rose café’, ‘From Clare to here’, ‘Her father didn’t like me anyway’, ‘Leaving Nancy’, ‘Steal away’ etc will make their 11th appearance in the Riverside Theatre

The FUREYS have been entertaining audiences worldwide for 36 years, audiences that have included former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Former Irish President Mary McAleese and the late Pope John Paul while Tony Blair has publicly stated his favourite peace song of all time is the FUREYS “Green Fields of France”. Recently Ireland President Michael D Higgins attended their concert in Dublin’s National Concert Hall.

They are responsible for some of the most stirring music ever to capture the public imagination. Their folk / middle of the road based songs and music has received standing ovations in some of the biggest concert halls in the world. Their emotive songs stir many emotions….tears and laughter, sadness and joy.

A FUREYS concert is always a night to remember.


Tickets: £20.00
PERFORMANCES:  Saturday 16th May at 8pm

Country & Western Music

Eamonn Keane presents

From the Field to Stage & Putting The Craic Into Country !


2015 looks like the time that farming in this little country of ours will take a major turn and diversify into something completely different... who would have thought we would see the farmer ditch the wellies for a pair of stage shoes, swap the calving aid for a microphone, or park the massey and hit the road in a bandwagon !

Well that is exactly what is in store for Irelands most formidable farmer, “Farmer Dan” in 2015!

The ever popular Hilltown man is set to polish the wellies and take to the stage as he relaunches his exciting new band to the delight of dancers, jivers and such up and down the country of Ireland and beyond.

What will be different I hear you ask .... well not only can the man sing a country classic but he can also entertain and have you rolling in the hay with his hugely popular fun songs such as “ The Transit Van” , “Jump into bed with me Wellie Boots on”, “ My Granny Was a Plucker”, “The John Deere Tractor”, “My Little Massey”, “The Stuttering Bum”, “Dont Touch My Willie” the list goes on and on and on!

Following a break from touring over six years ago Farmer Dan worked with several music tour operators and has decided since the recent resurgence in the popularity of country music among young and old and based on many requests from his legions of fans that the time was right to pack the sack and hit the road.

Tickets: £15.00