Riverside Theatre

The after some of the events indicates that the performance is being presented by an independent organisation which is hiring the Theatre.


PERFORMANCES:  Friday 24th March at 8pm

Professional Drama

Bardic/Premier Productions present the play by Martin McDonagh

"The Lonesome West" is the third of McDonagh's trilogy of plays in the Leenane series - bleak and blackly comic but enthralling to experience

Bickering brothers, Coleman and Valene, share a house in the wild west of Ireland.

One obsesses about his religious ornaments and his precious poteen - the other thinks only of his stomach and regularly crashes funerals in his quest for free sausage rolls!

Their local priest, troubled by a spate of murders in the area, tries but fails to convince the squabbling brothers to put aside their petty differences - as a result of which matters become considerably worse....

Riverside welcomes back this excellent professional company in a production directed by Sean Faloon.