Lecture Dracula In The Twenty-First Century - A Lecture By Dr Katherine Byrne

Wed 28 Oct, 7:30PM

Part of an exclusive Halloween lecture series

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Dracula In The Twenty-First Century - A Lecture By Dr Katherine Byrne


"You do look rather… drained": Dracula in the twenty-first century

Live Online via Zoom

Prepare to explore all things weird and wonderful as part of series of talks around the Halloween season at Riverside. In this talk Ulster University lecturer in English Dr. Katherine Byrne will be educating you on all things Dracula!



This talk will explore and place in context the recent BBC’s adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which was perhaps the most-discussed show on television last Christmas. Liked by television critics but dividing viewers, it described itself as "both faithful and faithless" to the original novel, and was full of references to all the other versions of this vampire myth on the big and small screen. This talk will give a history of Dracula in film and television, and will look at the way the character has evolved and changed over the decades. This most recent version represents the Count as a kind of James-Bond figure, but at this same time displays a fascination with disease, and with sterility and the failure to reproduce. Dracula constantly experiments on new victims, but they cannot or will not survive to become his children. As a result this adaptation has a darkness quite at odds with its self-professed identity as a humorous, campy romp. In fact, this is an adaptation about contagion, immigration, paranoia about American motives, and isolation (its lonely heroine contrasting notably with the united solidarity of Stoker’s "band of brothers"). In this way, then, this can be described as a kind of "Brexit" Dracula, an examination of the issues facing modern Britain.



Audiences will get the opportunity to discuss the themes after the talk in a short Q&A session with Katherine.

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