The Pre-History of Ulster until the arrival of St Patrick - A Lecture by Dr Cormac McSparron of QUB

Wed 17 Mar, 2:30PM

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The Pre-History of Ulster until the arrival of St Patrick - A Lecture by Dr Cormac McSparron of QUB

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Wed 17 Mar 2021 2:30PM

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The Pre-History of Ulster Until The Arrival Of St Patrick - A Lecture By Dr Cormac McSparron of Queen's University, Belfast.

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This lecture is a whistle stop tour of Irish prehistory, focused on Ulster.

The lecture begins with the retreat of the icecaps, discusses the earliest known hunter gather settlers in Ireland approximately 
8000BCbefore moving on to look at the first farming communities in what archaeologists call the New Stone Age or Neolithic commencing about 4000BC years ago.

We will discuss, briefly, the
se first farmers, settlements, their technology and the impressive megalithic tombs which they have left scattered across the landscape. We will next look at the first metallurgists, who arrive at our shores around 2500BC mining and making copper, and the cultural changes which occur in their wake: wedge tombs, the cist burials of the Early Bronze Age , the hillforts of the later bronze age, , the manufacture of increasingly sophisticated bronze tools and weapons, and the social implications of these changes. 

We will finally look at the sudden end of Bronze Age Ireland, around 800BC and the succeeding Iron Age a period known as much for its invisibility as its visibility in the Irish archaeological record. On the way I hope to touch such thorny topics as DNA, migration, and whether there was such a thing as "Celts".

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