House Rules

Where Riverside Theatre is written, authority is deemed to be with the Theatre Manager acting within guidelines laid down from time to time by the Theatre management Committee or by the Provost. The Theatre Manager may, in specific instances, delegate authority to the Technical Supervisor.

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Rules for the use of the Riverside Theatre


  1. The Touring Management shall send to the Riverside Theatre matter for billing, press releases, programmes and advertisements, together with non-copyright photographs for press exhibitions, but the Riverside Theatre shall have the sole right to determine the position and description of the production and the nature of type on bills, programmes and advertisements, having regard to any clause in the artistes’ contracts with the Touring Management. All printing shall be delivered to the Theatre properly dated and headed and carriage paid twenty eight days before the commencement of the production, and if not so delivered, the Riverside Theatre shall have the option of cancelling the Agreement and of engaging another Company to fill the date and of calming damages for breach of contract. Riverside Theatre shall have the right of prohibiting the issue of any pictorials, bill of advertisements which it may consider objectionable, but such objection shall be proper and reasonable. The Riverside Theatre reserves the right to accept advertisements for publication in any bill, programme, leaflet or other printed matter relating to the production.
  2. The Touring Management shall indemnify the Riverside Theatre against all claims for damages or penalties for infringement of playwright or copyright or of the provisions of current legislation form any action taken in the civil courts as the result of the performance of the play, including the Riverside Theatre’s loss of profits due to all such claims or penalties.
  3. No variation shall be made from the certified copy of the script and no alteration shall be made in the title of the Production without the consent of the Riverside Theatre. Such particulars of stage and other requirements as may be required by the Riverside Theatre shall be furnished whenever required.
  4. The Riverside Theatre shall have the right to object to any song, speech, dialogue, business, costume or gesture, and the same shall be withdrawn or altered as it may direct. Artistes are not allowed personally to address the audience nor interfere in any manner with other Artistes or Employees and not to go front of house without permission. No articles shall be thrown from the stage to the auditorium. Any question under this Condition shall be decided by the Riverside Theatre, whose decision shall be final and binding on the Touring Management.
  5. The Riverside Theatre shall decide what dressing rooms are available for the Touring Management, reasonable allowance being made for Company travelled. Where more than one production is resident in the Theatre, the Manager’s decision on allocation of rehearsal and dressing rooms with be final.
  6. Where more than one production is required for a season, only sufficient scenery for immediate requirement shall be stored in the Theatre and the Touring Management must make its own arrangements for outside storage if the Riverside Theatre or local authorities object to the quantity stored in the Theatre.
  7. The Riverside Theatre has the sole right of fixing the price of admission.
  8. The Riverside Theatre shall decide the number of seats and the form of seating arrangement in the auditorium for all shows in the Theatre. The inclusion of seating additional to fixed seating in the auditorium will not be possible except by special arrangement with the Theatre Manager/Technical Supervisor but at no time will additional seating be installed on the stage, or stairways in the auditorium, or in front of exits from the auditorium.
  9. The Riverside Theatre shall print all tickets relating to shows in the Theatre and shall sell those tickets only through it ticket-selling agencies, except by special arrangements with the Theatre Manager.
  10. Complimentary tickets will be issued only at the discretions of the Riverside Theatre. Should a touring management hire the Theatre and wish to issue complimentary tickets the permission of the Theatre Manager must be sought before any such tickets are issued.
  11. The Riverside Theatre reserves the right of free admission to the Press, to advertisers and any others whom the Riverside Theatre shall reasonably consider to entitled to free admission and to advance bookings for forthcoming attractions.
  12. All scenery and hangings must ALREADY have been treated with fireresisting solution BEFORE entry into the Theatre and made non-inflammable. They shall be maintained in this condition during the period of the production. In the event of any breach of this condition, in consequence of which in which a performance or performances are lost until the scenery has been made fireproof, the Touring Management will pay to the Riverside theatre all loss sustained in respect of loss performances in addition to the cost of making the scenery fireproof.
  13. The Riverside Theatre will not be responsible for the safe custody of the Touring Management’s property or the property of any of the members of its company, or loss or damage by fire, theft water or other causes
  14. No outside show or parade shall be made except by permission of the Riverside Theatre.
  15. The Riverside Theatre reserves the use of the Theatre during the day, facilities being given for the necessary rehearsals, for which the Touring Management must first obtain consent from the Riverside Theatre. No arrangements are to be made by the Touring Management for work to be done in the Theatre except with the approval of the Riverside Theatre.
  16. The Touring Management will be responsible following consultation with the Riverside Theatre for the proper seating of platforms, rostra, etc., and the proper working of any mechanical or realistic effects, and for any illuminated signs.
  17. No sound or public address system will be used in the Theatre other than the in-house system, except with the special permission of the Technical Supervisor. In the event of that permission being granted and a sound or public address system being installed for a specific production, the cost of installing and operating the system being installed for a specific production, the cost of installing and operating the system will be borne by the Touring Management. Such a sound or public address system will only be operated under the guidance of the Technical Supervisor and at a volume levels to be defined by him.
  18. Naked lights, combustible and explosive materials may not be used in productions or brought in the Theatre without the consent of the Riverside Theatre. Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere in proximity to the stage.
  19. Any supers or extras of any description will be charged to the Touring Management.
  20. The Riverside Theatre shall fix the time of opening and closing the Theatre, and of commencing and terminating the performance. The Riverside Theatre will normally observe an interval or intervals appropriate to the production.
  21. Matinee performances shall not be curtained in any way but shall be given fully as a night performance, except by arrangement.
  22. No child shall perform on the stage under the legal age permitted by the authorities and any special licence for a child shall be obtained by the Touring Management, and produced before the first performance.
  23. No animals shall be brought into the Theatre unless with the consent of the Riverside Theatre.
  24. Persons not employed at the Theatre shall not go behind the scenes, without the permission of the Theatre Manager.
  25. No advertisement of any nature whatsoever may be exhibited on any scenery or effects carried or used in the production, without the permission of the Theatre Manager.
  26. Programmes, books, records, tapes, works of art, and other items belonging to artists may be sold in the Theatre Foyer only with the permission of the Theatre Manager and in such circumstances, a cash fee will be charged by the Riverside Theatre.
  27. All luggage and scenery belonging to the Touring Management must be removed at their expense on the night of completion of the engagement except by special arrangement.
  28. Facilities for the broadcast by television of productions or any part thereof during the period of the engagement will require the prior agreement of the Touring Management and the Riverside Theatre.
  29. The Touring Management require prior to the arrival of the company in the Theatre:
    1. To inform the Riverside Theatre of their estimated time of arrival and agree times at which they may use the facilities offered by the Theatre;
    2. To inform the Technical Supervisor of any technical requirement necessary for performances or rehearsals.
  30. The Touring Management shall be responsible for arranging transport for the Company between their accommodation and the Theatre during the course of their engagement.


Members of the general public shall not be permitted access to the auditorium, catwalks, offices, dressing rooms, green room, rehearsal room and workshop areas unless this has previously been agreed by the Theatre Manager – or unless they are members of a properly conducted guided tour of the premises.


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