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Are you an artist looking for a space to exhibit your work? Why not consider the Riverside Gallery space.

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Riverside Gallery

Open Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm and during performance and events in the evening and weekends.

Free Admission


Pavestone Collective

Free Entry – Riverside Theatre Gallery/ CafĂ©

6th - 23rd February 2024

Now in their 14th year, The Pavestone Collective is delighted to return to the Riverside Theatre Gallery to showcase their latest body of work entitled, ‘Eyes Open. The Collective was established in 2011 and comprises of male and female disabled artists with either mental health issues or physical disabilities. From the outset they decided to have an ‘open’exhibition that allowed them to create artwork using styles and techniques they had developed over the years. Most of the artists use acrylics and on occasion some use oils. They chose to paint on deep edge canvases that didn't require framing. Each Artist has been influenced by a range of methods and genres, and have produced a variety of work, inspired by landscape artists, the Pre-Raphaelite movement and contemporary works. We hope you enjoy viewing our exhibition because it was a pleasure creating the exhibits and with the addition of working closely together, it has been a fabulous experience all round. Thank you & Enjoy Art by Michael Humphries…..’Early Retirement’

David Wright presents


4th – 23rd March 2024

Where do our memories live? What do they do to pass the time? In BBC’s Repair Shop people bring in old, broken objects that anyone else would throw out, but to their owners, these objects are precious beyond value, because they remind them of their past, of their relatives, of their place in the world. When they see them in their repaired state the people are overcome with emotion and feel their connection has been sustained.

The images in this exhibition come from a slice of time when I studied for a MSc Physics at Brock University in Canada and the background image is a page from the thesis. Every time we look at such images and/or reflect on them, our original memories have been affected by time and the new life experiences we have made and so our memories undergo transformation. These images are  digital composites and collages and can be thought to represent a jumble of  memories from that time

Some of these images have suffered with passing time, and I wonder if my perceptions, experiences and memories have also changed and keep changing with time.

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Display your work at Riverside

With many square metres of wall space, no idea is too big or too small..

Dimensions of Riverside Wall Space:

A 54ft wide x 8ft 6ins high
B 11ft 4 ins wide x 8ft 6ins high
C 14ft 10 ins wide x 8ft 6ins high
D 5ft 6 ins wide x 8ft 6ins high
E1 11ft 1 inch wide x 8ft 6ins high
E2 11ft 1 inch wide x 8ft 6ins high

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